You Are (Remastered)

Daniel Crossing
Andre Daniels


I remember being quite tense on the morning of recording You are. As a result I took that tenseness into the vocal booth and interpreted the lyrics incorrectly. I was on a war path! Luckily Brendyn set me straight and the song settled into the acknowledgement of God as sovereign over all things, and it reminded of my acceptance of his sovereignty and my inability to change it.

Music and lyrics by Andre Daniels, Recorded at Heritage Sound Studios, Engineering by Brendyn "Rusti" Rossouw, Technical Producer Stew West, Mixing by Dave Langemann. Mastering by Rogan Kelsey. Lead Vocals Andre Daniels, Candy Mitchell, Piano Intro Ben Sawyer, Lead and Rhythm guitars Stew West, Drums Sherwin Augustine, Bass guitar Jessica Avika, Additional piano and instrumentation Stew West, Singers Jessica Avika, Debbie Augustine, Raina Julies, Whitney Small, Whitney Daniels, Cindy Ramsay, Stew West, Brendyn Rossouw, Jody Adams, Jade Burjins.

Originally recorded 25 November 2011. Remastered for Between Borders and Angels.