One Life

Daniel Crossing
Daniel Crossing


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"One Life" is a simple song, and yet, to me it's so powerful. I wrote it based on a simple idea - consciously choosing to set my mind on the One who means it all to me - who takes me to that perfect place.

What does the phrase "One Life" mean to you? Maybe your spouse or another loved one? Your belief system? Share your story of your "One Life" with me on any of our social media links on the right, or via email.

What does it mean to me? I travel to many different countries and experience the greatness of the diversity of life. It truly is amazing to experience different cultures, and in that my worldview is that God is my One. Jesus Christ. You may have a different one. But I think that we agree that we all need someone bigger than ourselves to help us make it. Life can be tough, and I think we all need a helping hand.

So, as you listen to the song, I really hope that you enjoy it and cotton on to the fun and message of freedom in it, to put yourself first, to love yourself, and give yourself the time and space to discover more about you.




When i think of you

there's this peace that comes over me

i turn my mind to you

my heart beats slow and steady 

and my heart will choose to say

and my heart will choose to say

it's one life

that saved me

it's one hope

that made me

and my heart, my mind, and my all

lives to tell