Bled (feat. Whitney Daniels)

Daniel Crossing
Daniel Crossing


It tells the story of me & you: who bleeds for me? Who loves me to the end of this world and back? Who will take all my  crap and then some ... and then some ... and just about love me till I die, and die for me if they have to?

I don't know of many who will do this for anyone. Maybe if you're married you're thinking of your spouse right now. Maybe you're thinking of your mom or your dad or your partner, I don't know, maybe Jesus Christ, maybe Buddha, maybe yourself, many options, ...

... but then there's that voice, that voice that speaks the kind of truth to our souls that's beyond vocal comprehension but it's as loud as the noonday gun ...


Lyrics:    Andre Daniels

Composed by:   Andre Daniels

Performed by: Daniel Crossing feat. Whitney Daniels

Produced by: Andre Daniels, Tim Feder

Keyboard: Tim Feder

Drums: Jason Skippers

Bass: Tim Feder

Engineering by: Tim Feder

Executive Producer: Andre Daniels

Mixed by: Tim Feder

Mastered by Helmut Meijer

Recorded at: Platinum Studios Woodstock, Nu Faith Studios Brackenfell