When I wrote my first short story

Writing a short story is by no means easy. And writing a good, compelling read, I think, is even harder - unless you have those ideas pouring out of you like a river overflowing it's banks. Bursting. Can't stop writing. Burning the midnight oil. Sweat pouring down my face. The intensity! Oh no - stop. That's not me. I've found that writing a short story is not easy at all. It's not the ideas. I think I'm a pretty good ideas man. I can come up with pretty cool story lines and concepts. What I found intensely aggravating and intensely hard is expressing them in the way a reader would read it. I'm a reader - an avid one - I read at least a few articles or a good few chapters of a book almost every single day of my life. But to develop a writing style though - and a natural one - is no easy feat. So maybe it's not that gift. For example, when I write a song, it's easy. It just flows. But I've always wanted to write a book. So when I wrote my first short story I was quite chuffed. Not so much for the content - because I think it's average. But because I actually completed it. I sent it to my favourite magazine hoping they'd publish it but soon discovered there are much better writers around and I need to be taking some courses. So I downloaded a few podcasts and listened about writing techniques ... in any event ... this is my first completed short story: Turnaround Street. Please promise you'll at least read it to the end :).


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