When I wrote my first radio play

Okay, so firstly I'm gonna say that I'm not posting the radio play on the website. If you want to read it send me an email. In a later blog I do post my first short story though. I think that's sufficient torture for now, hahahaha. No, I don't have a bad sense of my writing - I just think short stories and radio play writing is a subset of writing that I need to develop.

So then, what exactly is this bog post about? Well, it's more about why I wrote the radio play.

Every now and then, I fall into what I term the soapie trap. And this time the soapies name was "Forbidden Passions" screened on Telemundo. I got addicted. I admit. I couldn't understand Bruno and Bianca's destructive passionate love. They filled my dreams, and every lunch hour with my colleagues. To the extent that they'd ask me - every day - how is Bianca? How is Bruno? How is uncle? Uncle is Bianca's husband - Bruno's uncle. Forbidden Passions galore! I'm not exaggerating when I say I even dreamt about them. You might call me crazy now. But the problem with Telemundo's soapes are this - they have a definitive start and end. Not like Day's of our Lives etc. that go on and on and on. Here, you knew there was an end - it's a telenovello. I love reading - visually.

So after it ended I was pretty stumped. I needed something to occupy that space . In soapie trap world, it can't be another soapie though. You have to go cold turkey for a short while, at least. Else it becomes an obsession. Uhm, yes. 

So I took to writing a radio play - because it just so happened that SAfm was running a competition to submit radio plays. I entered. 

The play is called THE WILL. It's about a family who fight over the father's estate. But it plays out in a boardroom, with flashbacks to scenes explaining why each characters life is the way it is. The main character has a crush - well, more than a crush - a love that he didn't act on - and runs into this love at the reading of the will. It was forbidden passions, all over again. And did I love it. And with any good soapie there are twists and turns. He marries. Who does he marry? Whose this long last love? What made them fall inlove? 

Now let me say this. Be careful what you write - or be careful what you wish for. It just might become a reality!

So, it's all over now. The soapie is long gone over, the radio play is archived. And yes, I faced a real life forbidden passion recently. Thank God I didn't respond, but it was HARD not to! 

ps. One day when I get the time I'll rewrite the play and submit it for airing. Right now I don't think it's good enough to be on radio - it needs a bit of restructuring.






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