Vox, the cold, and food for the soul.

What a great week! I got to do the vox on three songs, which was pretty great, considering that I came out of a cold and was a bit worried that I wouldn't be at my best. So now we're four songs down and it's a result of good teamwork and a really great working environment.

So the cold or flu. What's the right remedy?? Well, every time I get either I'm not really sure which is which. So invariably I end up googling what the cold and flu is and then based on the varying symptoms at that point I decide on taking just about most of the remedies for both - honey, eating whole pieces of lemon with the peel, rooibos tea, herbal tea, flutex, cough mixture, aspirin, fruit and comfort food. Everything just short of visiting the doctor. Did I mention Matt (on lead and rhythm guitar) also got the cold/flu and Rusti (producer and sound engineer) had a flu-scare - but we got the better of it! 

I have it on good advice that this is the
perfect solution to nip a cold in the bud :).

My special concoction.

As a result of the effects of the cold I had a new best buddy this week - it was a bottle filled with a combination of teas and honey to give me a good kick and keep the vocal chords moist - and it really helped. It reminded me of the time a group of friends went to Sutherland to see a very large telescope and experience below zero temperatures in the Western Cape. A friend brought a bottle filled with a mixture of teas, herbs and uuhhm, other things, that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling :)! Yeah, but enough of that, hahaha.

Train tracks at Aushwitz-Birkenau from
where Jews and other political prisoners
were offloaded.

Children at Aushwitz-Birkenau. This
picture prompted the writing of the song.

A highlight of the week was when we recorded a song that I wrote while in Poland last year. I visited Krakow last year and went on a tour of Aushwitz-Birkinau, the German concentration camp where millions of Jews were murdered. About two days after the visit I was melancholic and quite sad. I couldn't place it at first but then realised it was the experience of the tour that had finally hit home. The tour was very busy and caused me to glance over the details, but back in the hotel room there was time to process everything. I recall sitting on the carpet next to the bed and just crying; and then I wrote the song. After coming home I demo'ed the song to my sister, Whitney, and she helped make it more current and transcend culture and experiences. I'd love to share a soundbyte of the song, but that would be letting the cat out of the bag too soon :), but I know that you will be touched by it. So, on Thursday, after doing vocal warmups using our favourite Aunty Anne's warmup series we did the vocals - and we're very pleased.

Good 'ol Indian biryani. Good 'ol Indian lamb curry.

To celebrate our success I treated Whitney to yummy Indian food at the FoodInn in Long Street, Cape Town. I was thoroughly impressed when the food was served in similar dishes that I had eaten from when I visited Mumbai last year. This was a real treat and I felt a bit nostalgic about Mumbai - I made some great friends there and hope to return in the future.

Breakfast. The most important
meal of the day.

On the subject of food ... this week I've been into egg and cheese. So I made this yummy breakfast treat. It's quite easy to make ... make some toast - two slices should suffice. Instead of butter, squeeze ample honey onto the toast. Then add your herby/leafy salad. Optionally add flat boiled/steamed/fried potato or bacon/macon. Next top it with either boiled or poached egg. I prefer poached where the yolk is still runny. Lastly add slices of cheddar or your favourite cheese (I prefer cheddar because of the colour). Next, and the best part, is to grill it very quickly so that the cheese melts and the lettuce stays fresh. Then top it with hollandaise sauce or any one of your choice or eat it just like that - it's yummy either way. Oh, don't forget a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Sticking to food, but of a different kind, I also bought a new Bible - the King James version, because I wanted a version that was closest to the original. Problem is that I kind of like the Message version more now, which I'm reading on my phone. I'll admit it was the nice cover that got me sold on the KJ version :). Admittedly it's a bit hard to get used to the "ye" and "thou" text and it takes some more effort to understand what the text is saying, but I'm not gonna give up easily on my food for the soul.

And that was the week! I hope that as you reflect on your week there's a silver lining in it - or at least a good song :). This new week I deal with plumbing and do the vox on the last song for the EP. Have a good one!


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