Tis the season to be jolly

Now we know the holiday season to be a time of great fun, celebration and holidaying. And that's exactly what it should be. Fun in the sun and sea or snow! Exploring nature! Eating a little bit more and spending a bit more time and money on our family and friends! Getting that gift we always wanted! Taking time off from work! Aaah! Let's do this already!!!!

But we know, from some of our own experiences, that it is also a time of amassing debt, being frivolous, and being haughty and lustful. It's also a time where some couples break up for the summer fun and find each other again just before Valentines Day, sometimes with an unexpected bump in the oven, and a few bad over indulging habits. It's also a time of unnecessary loss of life - where families should be having fun - but they're at the morgue identifying the body of their young son or daughter or relative because of an alcohol-related car accident.

So, as far as is possible, where we are able, let's encourage a cleaner, easier, simpler way of living life this holiday season (I know, I sound like the Minister of Something in government making that speech) Let's give a little of our time, finances, or efforts to the less fortunate. Let's hold off on that one extra glass of wine that we know will tip the scales to dangers way. Let's put away that credit card when we see that really gorgeous item in the store that makes us nervous and tingly all over, and rather opt to pay a little less cash for that not-so-amazing but more peace-giving item that will still add value to life a year later.

Let's show our loved ones a little more appreciation than usual, by focusing our time and attention on them. A challenge indeed. Because at the end of the holidays we want to start off the new year unburdened and light, feeling fresh and well rested. Ready to tackle the new year. Tis the season to be jolly indeed, so let's together try and make it a truly jolly one, filled with love and laughter. For love covers a multitude of wrongdoing. I wish you a truly happy holiday, xxx

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