The light at the end of the tunnel

I ended off the last blog with the recording of Lights and You are. So what happened after that? Let me think … I continued to travel for the company I was working for. It was great – seeing all these amazing cities of the world, meeting new people and just having loads of fun … and working, of course! Except, I wasn’t actively promoting the songs. I had a couple of radio interviews and gigged here and there. But I knew it wasn’t enough to make an impression. But the point here was to make good with what I had – I couldn’t leave my job just yet. I started to do research. What’s the best way to promote your songs? Where’s the best outlets to sell your songs? What about music rights and copyright protection? What about digital distribution? I started asking people in the industry questions. And guess what – I can’t remember one of them turning me down when I asked them the HOW question. Not one. I remember releasing the songs on 16 June 2012. It was South Africa’s youth day. My last youth day!! What a case in point! That was an eye opener! Is this dream for real or is it something I should’ve shelved a long time ago? I certainly had my fair share of detractors telling me to give it up, but I also had a few people who told me to follow my heart, to go with the dream. And deep inside me I wanted to pursue it as well. Do I still have doubts? I’ll admit that in moments of utter weakness I doubt whether I should be doing what I’m doing. But then almost immediately something will happen to tell me the better of it. Did I digress? Perhaps, a little. So June 16, songs released, and still working. But now something was different. Now, alongside a dream I had a plan formulating. A plan that could be implemented … maybe, with enough hair on my teeth, I could do this.

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