The land of the free

Last weekend I was in Ceres. I’ve been going there a few times with my church to support the growth of the body of Christ. It’s been really great, and really challenging at times. Great, because the people of the farm in Ceres where we go have been so kind and open to receive us. Challenging because I’ve been challenged with confronting my own ways that were not as honorable after all.

At the dam

This past weekend I took my friend Jonathan along. He’s an amazing pianist and loves God deeply. What was great about spending time with him was that we could get to know each other a bit more and also be part of how God wanted to use us to facilitate the praise and worship to Him. It’s not the first time Jonathan and I have done this, but every time God surprises us. Just this weekend we had to throw all that we had prepared out the window and follow God. And the great part about it is we were both willing to do it. It resulted in a beautiful time of worship to God – where everyone could magnify the greatness of God, and also receive healing for many hurts and pains – straight from God. I also had the opportunity to share my story of hurt and healing or as Christians would call it my testimony.

Ceres Valley

What was also amazing about this weekend was seeing the beauty of Ceres. I am a lover of nature. Rivers, forests and mountains in particular. I grew up playing in forests and swimming in a river across from my home –  this was before the river was converted into a canal. The rugged and unspoilt beauty of Ceres was breathtaking and I couldn’t completely fathom just how creative God is. I even swam in the dam – which I think is illegal – but what an experience not to miss!

The last and most telling proof that made this past weekend absolutely great was our hosts, the America’s. Not only were they open to sharing their home, but they also shared their hearts. Every night we ended up going to bed a little later because there was so much to talk and laugh about.

The teamThe last night we went to bed at about 4 a.m.! They took time out of their busy schedules to show us their town and why they loved it. I believe their hearts reflect the hearts of the people of Ceres we visit. They always held love in their hearts and it showed in their actions. What a great example to follow.


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