The gentle flow

“All that is required is a gentle flow of saline into the nostril. Squeezing too hard will make the application uncomfortable.” That’s the instruction on the leaflet for the sinus rinse kit I got the other day. It takes some getting used to. Because it certainly is uncomfortable. 100 mils in the one nostril and out the other or the mouth, swap, the remaining 100 mils in the other nostril and out the other or the mouth, and voila – there goes the sinusitis for a while. Use it daily, consistently, and you’ll probably be cured of it completely – the au natural way. I need this – because these past two weeks I’ve been waking up almost daily with a massive headache. And a sore throat. And a cough. But the headache takes the cake. Midday too.

This got me thinking about the other healing process.

God’s healing is a gentle flow, a gentle flow of the river of life that cleans out, refreshes, restores, removes, unclogs. Squeezing too hard, trying to take control, not willing to wait for His Word, His leading, will make the application uncomfortable.

It’s a daily sacrifice, a daily crucifixion of the self, of self-will and self-determination - to the will of God. It has to be consistent, and it has to be every day, one slip up takes you right to the beginning.

“All that is required is a gentle flow” … yes, it started out uncomfortable, but each day it gets a little easier, and I can breathe more clearly.

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