Spilt milk

A quick story. While preparing for work one morning I was wondering what to have for breakfast. I tend to discuss these things with the Holy Spirit as part of my morning ritual. Wheatbix and milk was the verdict.

A while later, I felt an accusation arise in my mind about a decision I made a while back. I was fed up of this accusation and said out loud. "You know what. That's in the past. It's over now. All I have is today."

I was busy preparing my wheatbix and milk breakfast and was cutting open one of those milk sachets. Then the milk spilt. And the old phrase popped up in my mind: it's no use crying over spilt milk.

God is closer than you think. So is the accuser. But God IS closer!


"Father, I thank you that I don't have to bend over to the accusers lies, but I can trust you to be the lead participant in cleaning up past mistakes and silencing the accuser irrespective. Amen."

A friend sent me an interesting message after I posted this to Facebook. Her message was that sometimes it is God who brings to mind past mistakes so that we can reflect and correct if required, and then move on. I 'm in full agreement with this, and it takes knowing the voice of God in us to able to distinguish between an accusation, and a leading of the Holy Spirit.

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