Saved people save people

It's 2am in the morning, and about 9 hours ago, at 17.05pm a man died. It wasn't just any man, he lived about 4 doors down the road. He wasn't my friend. But he wasn't my enemy either. We greeted most days and exchanged a few words amongst friends who knew him better than I did. I knew his story - I knew his family. They were my friends, or let's say they were a little more than acquaintances.

I woke up thinking this: "I have no idea whether he is going to heaven or hell".
That's not good. Because for the past few months it wasn't me laying on my back needing a prayer, needing an encouragement, perhaps needing salvation and forgiveness and a pathway to forgive.

When did this gospel, this good news, become so distorted? When did it become about being a mighty prayer warrior and church-going worshipper but not have the decency to walk a few metres to say hello to a neighbour in need?

It sounds more like a me-gospel. A "what do I want to do today" vs a "what do You want me to do today" gospel. Because saved people save people. The Gospel says "GO".

I hope this story provokes us to be relevant to the people around us. Jesus' message to the seven churches - God's people - puts it more eloquently: "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches."

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