Movies and car parts

This last week I did something that I’ve either never done before, or it happened so long ago that I can’t remember when last it happened. I watched two movies in one week! Okay, so it’s not such a big deal, but actually having the time to watch two movies in one week is phenomenal! How did this happen? My car needed repairs and I had to stick around in the area. On the first day they managed to fix the flange – which I discovered is a car part! It reminded me of an episode of Friends where Phoebe tried to get Rachel off a plane. She created a fictitious engine part, called a “phalange”, and managed to ground the plane.

The first movie was “Now You See Me”. This movie is about the magician’s code. The great thing about magic is that it’s unbelievable, yet exciting to be a part of! Watching humanly impossible stunts and CGI and the like was exhilarating and put me back in my dream world where I spend time giving interviews to Oprah and Noeleen.

On Thursday I took the car back to have a new starter installed. These things should come as plug-and-play, ha ha! This time I watched “White House Down”. Have you seen “Olympus Has Fallen” this year? Two movies about the White House burning down - does Hollywood know something we don’t? But alas, I enjoyed most of the movie, as long as I didn’t think things through. That’s the key about blockbuster movies – don’t analyze!

Returning to the dealer, I was pleased to have pressed pause on reality for a while, knowing that it was calling me back to fork out an arm and a leg for much needed car repairs. But … the drive home was smooth. So, my friend: enjoy the time out, dream big and look for a silver lining.

Here’s the video of the “Phalange” scene in Friends. Enjoy!


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