More reward than worry

There’s this really great hiking trail in Stellenbosch that’s worth doing during the summer. Maybe you know about it – it’s called the Tweede Waterval trail (Second Waterfall trail) at Jonkershoek Nature Reserve. What I love about this trail is that you never really feel as if you’re on a hike to a specific destination. You know that you’re going to end up somewhere but the journey itself is so enjoyable that one ends up forgetting that there’s an end in sight.

There are a few really difficult parts as well though – like walking up a steep incline and the river is down below next to you. Any wrong footing and there you go, tumbling down. But there are a few beautiful gems along the way as well. Like every now and then to stop off and take a splash in the river. And if you’re patient there’s a rock pool further on that is absolutely gorgeous to look at, nevertheless swim in!

Getting to the second waterfall on the trail is by no means easy. There’s a massive incline taking you on a winding journey on a narrow path to the final stretch of the river, all the time having the possibility of slipping and falling into the valley down below. At the same time one can’t help being equally enamored by the beauty of the mountainous valley surroundings.

Once at the river’s icy cold waterfall a plunge is what the doctor ordered and then it’s to simply enjoy the freshness of natural river water – ready to drink I’ll add.

This week was pretty much like the journey of the hike. At times I felt pretty darn right freaked out at what the future holds and at the same time there was this certainty inside of me that everything will be okay. What I’m finding more and more about this new life journey is that it’s not so much about the final goal – which is to have lived my dreams – but more about the journey and the learning along the way. I’ve learnt more about myself in these past few months than normally. And I learned a whole lot about God as well – that He is weird, and caring, and kind, and just, and crazy, and loves me, yet reproves me as a loving father reproves his son, that He has a great sense of humour and is sympathetic as well. I really see God as my dad – you might think that’s crazy – but for someone who never grew up with a dad, God is the closest example I have – and He’s pretty cool even though it’s sometimes difficult to understand him.

In more recent years God has placed some awesome men in my life who each serve to guide me in different areas. There’s one guy who’s great at giving me financial advice, and another who is like my conscience, and here and there one or two pop in for some reason or another. If you’re still reading, I guess I just wanted to be a bit philosophical in this blog. The week was tough, but it had more reward than worry. Let’s look forward to the week ahead like that – that there is always more reward than worry. In fact, lets get rid of the worry – it doesn’t add another day to life anyway.

Click here for more information about the Tweede Waterval trail.


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