Love Awakened, haha

Last week Wednesday I had some sort of a meltdown. It was one of those days when everything just got overwhelming and it felt like life was out of control. I ended up driving approximately 70 km to Hout Bay, then Llundudno, and then met a friend who lives in Seapoint who just so happens to also have had a crap day. We decided to end it off staring out at the ocean at Seapoint beach, lamenting about life, followed by a glass of chardonnay at a pub in Seapoint.

Friday morning I sang at this really nice fundraiser tea party for Kidz4Care. Because there were 120 women, mostly Afrikaans speaking, I decided to include songs by Coenie de Villiers and Kurt Darren. Kurt knows how to speak to a women’s heart and make her feel special and Coenie is a lyrical poet. Thank you to Etiennette for thinking of me for the gig! And thank you to Nicolette (baker extra-ordinnaire) for including me in her blog (click here to read her blog).

After the tea party I went to my ex-work and sold some CD’s. The support was overwhelming and I’m very grateful. I also met two fans in the area - Natalie and Dawn. Thank you Natalie for your support and great feedback and your friendliness. And Dawn, thank you for sharing about your family and opening your home to me for a short while.

Friday night whilst driving home at about 100km/h the bonnet of my car shot open and banged against the windshield. Luckily the windshield wasn’t damaged at all, but the force of the wind caused the hinges of the bonnet to bend over. I managed to stop the car safely and call for help.

Kidz4Care, Nicollete from La Petite Patisserie, Dawn, Natalie

Kidz4Care, Nicolette from La Petite Patisserie, Dawn, Natalie

And that’s when I got very wet. The whole bonnet story happened in the midst of a Cape storm. I tried closing the bonnet to no avail, and in the process got very wet. When the tow truck came I got wetter. And by the time we offloaded the car I was drenched. I ended up singing in the rain!

Saturday I spent in bed - trying to recover from the wet and cold and sickness that was threatening to take over. I also spent much-needed time journaling and ended up playing twenty questions with God, because I had about twenty questions to ask Him.

On Sunday morning I had this urge to meet with the church at the place I worship. So I got up early and took the train. At the foyer of the building I ran into a friend who answered every question I had written down the previous night, and all she did was share with me about her life experiences with God and her family. With every question answered, I proceeded to gather with the rest of the church. During singing the Holy Spirit prompted me to go upstairs to another room where people pray. So I went up and met this stranger - we spent some time together - until long after the church had dispersed actually. It was good to be used by God even though I had so many gripes and complaints the past week. Wow, He sure does love me. He is my "Abba, Father" indeed.

And who said life is boring?


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yeah ... I realised just the other day, that He never slumbers nor sleeps> Even when we think He's quiet, He's at work, using situations and willing souls to revive and replenish us, and to keep us aware that He's still in control. The key is to expect Him to show up, no matter what. Even when we go it alone, He still shows up. Awesome Abba Father...

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