Leave it to the set

I'm sitting here on the set of filming a corporate video and am having a pretty good day.

This morning I got up with some hesitation and pre-conceived idea about how this day was going to be extremely boring. As I was getting dressed I asked myself - "why do you think you'll be bored"? The answer that came to mind was the people. I met a few of them before and my first impression was that they were boring folks with just a lot of small talk up their sleeves - the crime, the weather, the economy, the the the the.

After my moment of truth, a new truth dawned on me as the sun started peering it's radiant head over the mountains of Paarl and Ceres. The statement "consider others higher than yourself" came to mind as I was leaning over to put the clothing on the back seat of the car. And as I rose from that state I made the decision to do just that - and I'd start with my sister in the house - who was also getting ready to go to the same set.

I went in to the house and felt prompted to ask her if she needed help with anything. So I asked. She then said yes, and asked me to clasp her watch. I acquiesced, but eventually didn't need to do anything.

But that one gesture set the tone for kindness to proceed for the rest of the day.

So, sitting here on the set, having met wonderful people and discussed topics from boat-building, travelling in China, museums, finding directions, the printing press, learning about other cultures, to discussing smoking cannabis and enlightenment, I'm reminded that God has made us a wonderfully diverse imperfect people made to engage, and enjoy it. 

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