Impressions of Bangkok, nightmares and food

I woke up crying, twice. A deep sad cry – it was terrible. Ever felt that way? It felt as if there was a presence in the room - a presence I didn’t like. Yes, I said presence. Call it what you want but it was unsettling. I prayed and prayed and quoted scripture from the Bible and eventually sent a message to some people back home via facebook to keep me in prayer. I felt hard-pressed and somewhere within me I chose to dislike this city (a decision that was overturned later). I eventually dozed off and got about 3 hours of sleep. Next morning I skipped breakfast to get some more sleep and eventually went to the office; I was a wreck on the inside. I met up with some really great people – they were very friendly – and suddenly I was back in my turf and my normal self started returning. We got to noon and lunch was served … welcome to real Thai food … an adventure!

Having a well-trained westernized pallet, it was admittedly very hard for me to get used to authentic Thai food. The Thai food I was accustomed to had absolutely no relation to what I was faced with in Bangkok – and I am truly ashamed to even have said that I have eaten Thai food! If you have any ideas on what these dishes are please share – I didn’t get an opportunity to get the names of these specific ones. I only ate the vegetables and the rice even though I was starving – I’ll never make it on Fear Factor or in a horror movie either.

We worked through the rest of the afternoon and by the end of the day I had changed my mind about Bangkok – the people were great, friendly and really accommodating and humble; the culture was different, but what did I expect? So my day started with a nightmare, but it ended with a new story to tell, and I chose to look forward to learning more about Bangkok.


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