I'm not the only one

The other day while at studio my friend and I were having a catch-up talk – we should’ve been recording but we actually ended up doing very little of that.

He told me about how he was driving home one night and was sharing his frustrations with God about things that were happening. He explained that he was talking and being very serious and just letting it all out, as if, no – because God was right there with him in the car. At some point he looked in the rear-view mirror wondering if God was perhaps on the backseat, but then he thought, naaah, God would be sitting next to him.

I burst out laughing! Not because I thought he was crazy, but because that’s exactly the same thing I do.

I love that we can talk to God upfront and close and personal. I love that we can literally share space with the Creator of it all – that we can laugh and cry and scream and shout together. Although, most of the time these emotions come mostly from our side. 

A day after, I was watching the movie “Son of God” – I’ve seen it a million times, okay not a million, but enough to know what happens next. At the scene where Jesus says “Father, into your hands I commend my Spirit”, and then dies, I found myself in tears. I also found myself saying out loud, “Oh stop being so dramatic” and “If I was in your presence I would probably be balling my eyes out”. Then I clearly heard (in my mind), “You are in my presence, and that’s why you’re crying.” I cried some more. Then I had a good laugh, with Jesus, because I sensed His joyful, smiley, happy presence in the room – specifically on the green couch to my left.

So at this point you can call me crazy, or call me crazy for God. But guess what: I’m not the only one!

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