I see His Presence

I went jogging at the beach and afterwards while cooling off in the water was when I had quiet time with the Lord. I knew it was the real reason He instructed me to go to the beach. So immediately I started recounting all the problems I was facing and in the midst of it I heard myself say "what do you see?" I replied and said I see the mountain, the damn, the clouds and the sky. And then I heard a voice in me say "I see His Presence". I knew this voice. It was the Holy Spirit. It was the first time I heard the Holy Spirit speak of God in third person. Or, I couldn't recall when it had happened before. And the way it was said was spelt like this:

"I see His Presence".

Look around you now and let that reality sink into you and take comfort to know that He is with you. The Holy Spirit, our Helper, doesn't want us to focus on our problems, but see God's Presence in everything. That will carry us through to solutions. His Presence. All encompassing, loving, peaceful, beautiful, the best hug you've ever received ever, like the seas lapping on the shore in low tide and the mountains and clouds suspended in beauty. His Presence.

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