For completeness sake

One of the things that I used to struggle with, and that I’m truly making an effort to do better, well, let me digress a bit. I started by saying “one of the things” - because it’s true – I have a few areas I’m working on. But let’s return to the "problemo" highlighted in this blog. It’s called completion. As in the ability to complete something you started.

I’m an ideas person. Ideas come to me all the time. Ideas for music or writing or singing or acting or IT-related or solving-the-worlds-problems. And I’ve started a few projects, well, I’ve start many projects. But I never completed most of them.

(I now feel as if this blog is going to be self-revelatory and not turn out exactly the way I intended it).

Yes, (writing has a way of revealing the Truth with a capital T), my problem isn’t really completion. In fact, I could be bold enough to say that I don’t have a problem with completing things. Okay, that’s a stretch. What I am saying though, is this: I have many likes, and the ability to do much, so I try to do it all, and when I see it’s not giving me that kick – I drop it. Call it searching for my passion my dream my purpose.

The only thing is that God has told me what to do. Numerous times. And I never did it. I was afraid. I was stubborn. I always wanted to be in control because my choice to not be in control was snatched from me a long time ago. Call it what you want. I didn’t do it.

Thank God He has enough grace for me to stop the bus at Picadilly, get off and cross the road, and wait for the train. Because that’s where He wants me. So, are you bold enough to press the buzzer and stop the bus on a ride that’s taking you around in circles?

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