#flashbackfriday @TIME #covers

TIME Magazine, August 9 2010There are two TIME magazine covers that stood out most for me up until now.

The first is with the cover of Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City federal building bomber, where he is full faced wearing orange prison garb. I remember sitting in the lounge that 11th day of June in 2001, watching CNN, as the injections that would end his life were being administered to him. The magazine, with his face on it, was staring at me from the table. How eerie it was. His life ended soon after, but the life in his eyes captured on the magazine cover was still there.

The other cover is more recent – 2010. Aisha, an 18 year old girl, whose nose and ears were cut off as a result of orders by the Taliban because she fled from her abusive parents-in-law. The photograph was taken by Jodie Bieber, a South African photographer. Aisha’s eyes were captured in a lifelike manner, pretty much similar to Timothy’s. She wore a purple veil, perfectly positioned over her hair and ears so that we couldn’t see the damage, perfectly positioned to express hope and light alongside her facial scar. Perfectly positioned to respect the law. Perfectly positioned to fall off. These are the stories of our time.


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