Dreams and a full-length pre-release listen to one of the songs from the EP

I’m starting off my blog today to say that I lost the blog entry I would have posted. I’m going to try my best to recall what I spoke about though. It goes something like this …

Friday last week - I was sitting in the receptionist’s office at the high school where I was doing freelance fieldwork for the Department of Education's South African Annual National Assessments or ANA for short.

What has that got to do with the music industry? Absolutely nothing – except the job helped pay the bills. Going in to the music industry I had a few too many illusions and almost none now. The experience of making this career change has thus far been everything between scary and exhilarating, inclusive. Would I turn back the clock? Hell NO!! There hasn’t been more certainty in my life more than ever now. Yes, I said certainty. I figure that being present on this earth implies I have a purpose, and by pursuing that purpose I’m doing things right. I can’t go wrong, really. Yes there are bumps and difficulties etcetera but that will come anyway irrespective of what I do, so why not let it come while living my dream?

Which brings me back to the school. At this high school there are just over 1000 learners all having some degree of a dream – some are 100% certain of what they want and it decreases to those that are 1% certain. But all of them, I believe, have some kind of hope to become something. And yet, as I was going through the scripts of the 25 odd learners that were selected as the sampling size for the ANA’s I wondered just how many of them would make it. Just this week, having visited a primary school for the very same ANA’s, the team heard about a gang related shoot out in front of the school on the morning just before we arrived. In the same week we heard about a 4-year old girl that was kidnapped. The school was being used as the central location to coordinate a manhunt. Back to the highschool, on Friday a neighbouring primary school’s learner was involved in a stabbing with a learner from the high school. Fortunately no-one was injured.

That same Friday night I sang as a member of a 130-voice choir in a Spring Concert at St Georges Cathedral. The cathedral is majestic and beautiful. I was totally removed from the experiences of the week – living a part of my dream.

And that was my week, in a nutshell. As a songwriter, I reflect on these experiences and use my writing, like this blog, to formulate the direction a new song will take.

In writing the song below my hope is that somehow it will encourage someone to live their dream, irrespective of the circumstances they face. It's called "Which One Are You” … hope you like it, and I hope it encourages you to live your dream, no matter what.

"Which One Are You" will be on my debut EP. To order the CD send an email with your contact and address details to Watch social media for announcements of when it will be available on iTunes, etc. If you're in Cape Town, I will be performing on 28 September at 10 a.m. at the Leisurebooks 30 year celebration festival at Tygerberg High school. CD's will be on sale.


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