Celebrate good times, come on!

On Women’s Day I pretty much do my own thing – that’s of course when there isn’t a woman to tell me what we’re doing hahaha. This year I went with my church to a Women’s Day celebration out in Hermon. Hermon is a little town in the Western Cape of South Africa, population “very small” according to Google. Women’s Day is a day set aside in South Africa where women are celebrated – sadly it seems as if the rest of the year a significant portion is neglected or abused. But this blog’s not going to take the negative route.

I picked up friends and programmed my GPS – stock standard with the phone – and the closest match we could find was Hermon Station. Good enough. 94 km from home to Hermon Station.

The road to Hermon - Springtime is near!

The trip was pretty quiet, except when the GPS decided to no longer function – and this minutes before we had to take the exit off the national road. What to do? There were three possible exits, but only one would take us on the road we needed to be. I was very tempted to take the second exit, but a still, quiet voice in my head said “Wait”. And I decided to trust that voice and wait. Then the next exit came and I felt good about taking that one. I took it, and just after taking it the GPS sprang into life. Aha! Okay! What’s up with that huh? So you may know that I’m a Christian, so I figured it was the Holy Spirit putting me on a test to trust him – and I was oh so glad I did. The reward was simple – we’re not lost! Okay we could have phoned a friend, but the thought just never crossed my mind at all. And somehow that experience made me feel more excited about the day.

A welcoming sign. Girls drumming away at the welcome ceremony.

We eventually arrived at the entrance to Hermon, and because we had no idea where the event was actually held we stopped right there. We then phoned for directions and as we were talking to a guy on the phone he started waving at us from his house! He lives right there close to the entrance to Hermon. So why didn’t we trust in the Holy Spirit for directions here? Well, that’s a good question – but the idea never came up. It just seemed right to stop and ask directions. So we got to the place and the women were happy.

The celebrations started with a few songs by the Western Cape Steelband project.They make percussion instruments out of old massive steel drums - they were awesome! This was a real treat – the sounds they produced from those massive drums pretty much regarded as waste was amazing. The music travelled through the open spaces of Hermon settling on the hearts and minds of anyone in its path.

The last  bit of snow on the mountains - view from the house.

The rest of the afternoon couldn't have been better. While the women were having a special Women’s Day meeting the men started the braai (barbecue). As the day progressed we gathered around the braai,ate off the braai, talked and laughed and everyone was in good cheer. After everyone had had their fill we ended the day with customary 20-minute long goodbyes and drove back to Cape Town.

Entering the driveway I noticed my sister and sister-in-law standing around the braai – lo and behold! Another Women's Day celebration underway! And I stepped in to be a part of it … what a great Women’s Day! If this is what it’s like to celebrate women, then who wouldn’t want to be a part of it? Singing *Celebrate good times, come on!*

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