Blood relatives and love relatives

The highlight of my week was getting to perform with my cousin, who I met for the first time about 2 months ago. He is a guitarist and played acoustic guitar for me at the Orange Couch session. This week I also met my uncle, we haven't seen each other in 27 years! That's a long time and lots of catching up to do - it was really great seeing him! (At this point I should share the reasons why there was such a long separation. Thing is, I'm still figuring that out).

My friends know me as someone who looks for family - because our family was very small and I couldn't accept that it should remain so. On my mother's side there are 5 siblings of which I had a relationship with my mom and one aunt. So why not go make my own family - well, yes, one day is one day :) - but the idea of reconnecting with aunts and uncles etc. is very appealing to me. I mean, it's family, right?

So yeah,  it was really great spending some time with them and I'm looking forward to more of that. Last year December I also met up with another cousin who I hadn't seen in something like 14 years, if not longer. There's still three or so family members that I'd like to see, but let's give it time, somehow we'll meet one day - when we find each other - literally!

Over the years I've reckoned that family is more than blood. What about awesome neighbours and friends? We've shared so much together and they basically know my good and bad side, and have supported me in what we usually expect only family to do - it pretty much blurs the line.

That's why I've extended my definition of family from "blood relative" to include "love relative". We're family if we walk the talk together, we support each other, we do for each other more than for ourselves, and when we disagree, we're able to agree to disagree and still love each other through our differences - it's where there's mutual edification. It's like Bono says, "we're one but we're not the same, we get to carry each other". Is this a dream? No, it's not, because I know there are others who live like this, so it's possible for all of us.

So yeah, this one's for all our "familia" -  wherever you are out there - let's not wait 27 years. Peace to all. Have a good week!


I love the written tribute, I love the song and proud of what you've been doing all this time, Andre.
So wonderful to have you as pupil, friend and faith family! Bless you and keep writing songs and performing!

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