be my valentine: TOP 5 stalkish ways on how to get someone to notice you

Since it's the lurrve month and Feb 14 is the big day I thought up some corny or not-so-corny ways to get someone to notice you or at least think of you. Now I'm not going to admit whether I (or some crazy friends) did any of these things before :)

There's the friendly stalker method ...

1) Send a missed call at 11:59pm on 13 Feb - you'll either get a call back or a text or they'll delete your number from their phone and unfriend you on facebook.

And then there's the planning stalker method ...

2) Send that anonymous Valentines Card - but don't just say "Dear Flowerpuff", "From your secret admirer" - include a poem or something, and if using someone else's words, acknowledge it.

And then there's the serious planner I-know-where-you-live method

3) Find out where they'll be on Valentines Day and just happen to pass by and be noticed ... the restaurant stare always gets a response.

What about the I'll-save-you stalker method?

4) Ask your friend to make a prank call on your behalf and be the one to rescue your Valentine.

And the craziest one ... the I-don't-mind-being-embarrassed method

5) Post a photo of yourself without your head to his or her social media pages and ask "Guess who?"

O.K. If you really like a guy or girl I think the best way to get their attention is to find out what they like (i.e. stalk them on Facebook and Twitter), decide if you have similar likes, and then plan to "bump" into them at a place of similar interest.
LOL. No! Okay, actually I have no idea what the best way is. I think that meeting that one is pretty much still about going up to them and striking up a conversation and see what happens from there.

And if all else fails ... ask Steve Harvey!?! ... or read how Ruth and Boaz met and tied the knot?! - pretty random and yet not-so-random.

Happy Valentines Day!

ps. I accept no responsibility for the success or failure of these methods if you choose to use them! ;)


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