And so the story goes ...

A few days ago a friend of a friend whose now a fb and twitter friend asked me to regale the tales of how I went about getting to this point in making the EP because she was going to record a demo and wanted to know the do’s and the don’ts. I said no problem, but thought it best to document it for all to see – who knows, it could save a life – well, more likely a few thousand South African rands.

I’m trying to think how far back I should go. I could start with my birth, and progress up to where I wrote my first song, but that would take way too long. So I’m going to start in 2011, where I pretty much knew that I had to make a career change, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. At the time I was singing in a church choir and travelling the world for my then permanent, well-paying stable job. Both activities were extremely satisfying, but like any dream (or passion or desire or calling or whatever else it’s called) it keeps on tugging at the heart and just won’t let go – ever.

I was still uncertain of going into the music industry full-time, so I started asking around to see if there were any “expressions of interest” to start a band in order to at least record a few songs. A drummer, bassist and guitarist came on board and we started rehearsing at Salty Dogs Studios in Woodstock every odd Monday and other day. We rehearsed about 5 of the songs that I thought would be good for an EP. The problem was that I kept on travelling and we all had other priorities, so what should have been a 3-month process led to a 9-month birthing.

I remember clearly when Stew (Tech producer) drew the line in the sand. That was the best line that could’ve been drawn. We had to make a decision. So we decided to record two of the songs – the two we knew were ready to go. So in the week ending 25 November of 2011 we recorded two songs – Lights and You are – at Heritage Sound Studios in Cape Town. That was the start of the birthing of a new career, but there was still much to learn before the birthing was complete, which it isn't.

Random Do’s and Don’ts:

- DO pursue YOUR dream, but don't let it be all of you.
- DON’T give up everything unless you’ve done your research (more on this in the next few blogs)
- Try it out on a small scale, for example, start a band and gig AND also have a set goal to record.
- There are others who will buy into your dream, and there are those who WON’T. That’s okay.
- Take your dream seriously if you want to succeed, don’t do it if you’re not in it for the long haul. It will get tough (and I’m only starting!)
- Get a proper rehearsal space – even if you have to rent it!
- If you’re serious about your dream, you’ll want it to represent the best of you – start saving money BIG TIME!
- How do you know whether your dream is legit?

  • I heard this amazing radio broadcast on how to identify whether a dream is for real (Kobus Theron on Radio Tygerberg Try out these 5 points:
    • Does it inspire you (and others)?
    • Does it activate passion and energy in you?
    • Does it give you inner peace?
    • Do you know that you know that this is what you have to do?
    • Does it bode well for ALL and it will do no bad for NO-ONE?

So, to summarize, this first blog was really about recognizing the dream/passion/desire/calling/etc. Only then you can convert it into reality. Happiness :).

This was my two cents worth. Hope it helps someone out there :).

If you're still reading, the song below is about dreams – have a listen :).


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