The expanse of His Glory


The greatneass of God's creation will forever sit dead centre in my mind, in my life. I think that if we can totally and without fear and doubt accept God for who He is, we are able to see and understand the worth of our lives. 


Saved people save people


In our daily lives God asks us to be relevant in our sphere of influence. To be an outpouring of His Presence. When we reflect on this, how are we doing?


I see His Presence


Having quiet time with God is essential to life. In this post Daniel recounts a beautiful revelation amidst the mountains and the sea.


giving up is hard to do


whatever it is you're not doing that you know you meant to do, please please just do it - you'll be robbing the world of experiencing something very precious if you don't.



Spilt milk


Sometimes reminders of mistakes or decisions from the past tend to revisit us at inopportune times, especially when we've already dealt with it. It's no use crying over split milk, they say ...


The gentle flow


Package instructions are always written from the most objective viewpoint. Ask me, I've been a technical writer (and still consider myself one actually), and understand how you just have to say it the way it is ... even when you know it might hurt.


I'm not the only one


When John Lennon wrote the song - Imagine - there's a line that says: "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." That's very true for many things. In fact, it's more than about dreams ...


For completeness sake


I'm not exactly sure why I thought of Piccadilly Circus in this blog, perhaps it's representative of all the choices you can make there. Bus or train and what line, and interchanges, to where. It takes a little bit of peace in the soul to know which way to go.


He's in the wind


I've been reading the book of John a lot lately. Don't know why. Maybe it's because in the presence of change it's the very basics that count.


When I wrote my first short story


Writing a short story is by no means easy. And writing a good, compelling read, I think, is even harder - unless you have those ideas pouring out of you like a river overflowing it's banks. 


When I wrote my first radio play


The main character has a crush - well, more than a crush - a love that he didn't act on - and runs into this love at the reading of the will. It was forbidden passions, all over again. And did I love it. And with any good soapie there are twists and turns. 


Heaven is so real


As an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked, "How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?" Edison replied, "I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps." ( Ever consider the connection between what we do here on earth and whether it's needed just for now or maybe there's actually more to heaven than we think?  Skills, talents, character, etc. Surely it can't just end here on earth?


What brings 657 bikers and drivers of 500 cars together?


William is a Grade 7 learner at Sonop primary school in Paarl. Royal Kids was delivering shoes at the school
when the principal asked them if they met William. The principal explained that William lives with 14 other
people in a single roomed house. Yet, in the midst of these circumstances, William is an A+ student. He sits
under a table after everyone else is asleep to do his homework and study. He has been an A student since
Grade 1. William walks 14 kilometres to school and back with no shoes - all year round.


Leave it to the set


This is a blog of thought and consideration. haha. I'm trying to sound clever :). Let's call it revelations on set.



Losing my religion


That's  me in the corner // That's me in the spotlight // I'm losing my religion

- R.E.M.


be my valentine: TOP 5 stalkish ways on how to get someone to notice you


be my valentine: TOP 5 stalkish ways on how to get someone to notice you


Reimagining church ... and the Garden of Eden


I'm reading this book called "Reimagining church" by Frank Viola. And then I talk about the Garden of Eden.


Merry Christmas!


A Christmas message from me to you!


Remembering Madiba


This is a time when most South Africans and people from around the world are remembering Tata Madiba. Remembering Nelson Mandela invariably implies remembering the struggle. Although I never met Nelson Mandela I feel a deep sense of mourning, and celebration, during this time. 


Tis the season to be jolly


Allow me to be just a little serious before the holidays officially kick in ...


Love Awakened, haha


7 reasons to love life:

Rock sitting with a friend at Seapoint beach – it could become a sport

Singing at a tea party for 120 women gathering for a good cause

Being written about in Nicolette’s blog – she’s from La Petite Patisserie – the company that sponsored a beautiful cake for the tea party.

Meeting fans – Natalie and Dawn - whom I’d like to call friends, and meeting ex-colleagues, who are still friends

Saying hello to the bonnet of my car against the windshield whilst driving 100km/h

Getting very wet – head to toe - with my clothes on – thanks to the Cape of storms

Being a part of God’s plan to be a friend to a stranger 


The land of the free


This week I talk about my past weekend in Ceres, a beautiful town nestled between valleys and mountains.


#flashbackfriday @TIME #covers


This week's blog I couple with Twitter's #flashbackfriday. I was going through some of my magazines and found one that sparked a few thoughts.


The light at the end of the tunnel


I'm continuing the blog of regaling how I got to this point. I had to take a break from blogging because I was intensely involved with a computer screen with regards the artwork for the CD. That's done now and I can get back to one of my much loved activities - writing.


And so the story goes ...


A few days ago a friend of a friend whose now a fb and twitter friend asked me to regale the tales of how I went about getting to this point in making the EP because she was going to record a demo and wanted to know the do’s and the don’ts.


Dreams and a full-length pre-release listen to one of the songs from the EP


In this blog, I write about my experiences while doing freelance work at a high school, and also share a full-length preview of a song that will be on the EP.


More reward than worry


What does hiking and the new journey I'm on have in common? I'm warning you, this one's a bit philosophical.


Movies and car parts


It's not every day I get to press pause on reality and take a step into the world of cinema and dreams. Last week was such a week ...


Celebrate good times, come on!


Women's day - 9 August - is a pretty special day in South Africa. It's the one day where women are celebrated on a national scale, and I was reminded about the simplicity of celebrating good times.


A little bit of everything


The EP is in the mixing stage. This means that the mixing engineer, Dave Langemann, takes the product to another level. Mixing involves adding reverb, working on the levels and dynamics, as well as the aesthetic quality we are all used to listening to on our favourite tracks. It also means I don't have much to do with respect to the recording itself, although listening and feedback is imperative at this stage. Besides this there is a lot of planning going on in the background (marketing strategy, pressing and distribution, etc). As for this weeks blog entry, it's pretty much a mashup of what I was up to this past week. Hope you enjoy it!


Blood relatives and love relatives


Friends and family, blurred lines, and one love


Vox, the cold, and food for the soul.


Last week's top helpers:

1. A special vocal aide concoction coupled with a great team.

2. Biryani from the FoodInn on Long Street in Cape Town.

3. Listening to music on SimfyAfrica: Bon Jovi “What about now” album, P!nk’s “Just give me a reason”, Goo Goo dolls “Name”,Wilson Phillips “Hold on”. And some more inspiration from Josh Groban’s “You raise me up”, Hillsongs “Exceeding Joy”.

4. Blackberry's YouVersion Message version of the Bible and a newly acquired King James version that smells and looks good.

5. A good breakfast to start off the day.


House rules


My sister and I live alone – that’s until a few weeks ago, when we invited my uncle to stay with us. He’s a great guy. He has loads of stories about yesteryear and the goings on of well-known South African politicians he rubbed shoulders with back in the struggle days (some of which I would love to share, but cannot unless I want to be sued!).


Pass over the passion!


African Passion, pickled fish, birthday party, gigging, rap, Messiah, braai - one good weekend worth sharing!


First blog post for 2013 - how can that be?


What if someone described your life as an octagonal wheel and that it's progress is slow? Of course, if you imagine it the first thing you will notice in your minds eye is that an octagonal wheel is not round, and therefore cannot turn. A wheels purpose and intention is to turn and move forward, but the very shape of an octagonal wheel prevents it from turning, as it should.


Happy new year!


Happy new year! Buon anno! Feliz ano novo! नया साल मुबारक! สวัสดีปีใหม่! Szczęśliwego nowego roku! Gelukkige nuwe jaar!


Building bridges to cross


Over these past three months I've thrown myself into community work. It was very rewarding. The non profit organisation I work with, called Arkarts, has been working at a primary school where we started a choir. These kids are so awesome, and eager to learn! All they needed was an opportunity. It's really quite fulfilling to be part of something that is bigger than yourself - it puts life into perspective. So, please take a moment to visit the website at and also, if you have a chance, please like the facebook page at These kids are worth it, and the more people we tell about it the better chances they have to get funding, prayer and resources. Keeping it short this time, ;) xx


Ode to a broken family


Some poolside thoughts at the bed and breakfast in Johannesburg. 


Poetic justice


I'm finding the art of rewriting very satisfying ... and what better way to practice it by writing poetry. My writing is usually quite literal, so I'm trying hard to mix it up with some metaphors and similes and personifications and whatever else comes to mind. I hope you enjoy this one ... 




Outside the room at the B&B, every night, the birds across the road get together and chirp. They tweet and chirp as if every one of them is telling the other about their day. There’s an excitement in the air - from where I stand I can feel it.


Impressions of Bangkok, palace and art


It's Saturday! Which means I got to explore Bangkok - Khaosan Road, the Grand Palace, a Thai massage and whatever else comes along the way ...


Impressions of Bangkok, nightmares and food


My first night was terrible – I couldn’t sleep and had a few nightmares or one long nightmare with a few episodes.


Impressions of Bangkok, the city of life


Part of my day job is to travel to cities of the world and train clients on the products the company I work for develops. This particular trip took me to Bangkok. Over the next few days I’ll share my impressions of the city… feel free to add your comments as well ...