Closer album out now

A melodic and raw exploration of the soul is the best way to describe Daniel Crossing's latest album. Titled, Closer, there are seven new songs, five performed by DC and two songs where he introduces a new artist, Whitney Daniels, for whom he wrote the songs. Whitney will be releasing as a solo artist in 2018.

DC released his first 7-song album Between Borders and Angels in 2013 and is proud to be making another contribution to the music landscape.

Daniel's musical experience comes from singing in church, various choirs, musical theatre, and unforgettable experiences performing wherever he could.

Besides music he keeps busy by writing, and working in the IT industry.


Daniel Crossing

Daniel Crossing is the recording artist name of André Daniels.

Daniel Crossing has released two albums, “Between Borders and Angels” and in 2017 “Closer”. The most popular song is Lights, that along with other songs are playlisted on Christian radio stations such as Cape Pulpit, Radio Pulpit (Pretoria), Radio Tygerberg, Disa FM, and others, on most of which he has also been interviewed. He was also the featured artist for Radio Cape Pulpit’s “Bags of Hope” initiative in 2017. Daniel Crossing also appeared on segments such as Tygerburger’s Orange Couch and featured in the Tygerburger newspaper. He has performed at numerous venues in and around Cape Town.

Pictured left: André Daniels with Brendyn "Rusty" Rossouw and Matthew Duminy working on one of the tracks for the "Between Borders and Angels" album.

Currently, having limited time to perform locally due to his work travel commitments, Daniel Crossing has been creative in performing overseas in the city he may find himself. In 2017 he held his first intercontinental show in Dakar (Senegal) where people from 11 different West African countries and also from Europe attended the show - his material was well-received and he has since been invited back to perform.  He also made smaller appearances in Jakarta (Indonesia) and Phnom Penh (Cambodia).

He continues to write songs, having recently concluded a single for Chriszelda Julius Willemse, who was the 2014 runner-up for the popular CCFM Sing for the King competition.

The songs “You are” and “One Life” has also been used in music productions (CCFM’s Sing for the King, George festival) and performed by artists such as Jonathan McKay (worship leader, musical director - Sing for the King and various productions, music arranger - Elton “De Le Rey” Jansen DVD 2017).

Pictured right: It was Stew West who played the famous guitar lick to "Lights", and also the man who pushed André to record the songs.

When at home Daniel Crossing performs a reduced set at various venues - accompanied by a keyboardist and vocalist - perfectly apt for expressing the heart of the new “Closer” album.

Before Daniel Crossing, André’s move to writing and singing his own music wasn’t straightforward.

André’s first major introduction to the arts was through his involvement in musical theatre - singing, acting and dancing in Gilbert & Sullivan and Festival Players stage plays at Artscape Cape Town, and then performing in various venues around Cape Town. André also joined CAOS, an operatic group singing arias and musical theatre pieces around the Western Cape. Later he completed a course on community theatre at the Baxter Arts Theatre Centre and then performed with a drama group at the Grahamstown Arts fringe festival on a shoestring budget and as many shows they could get. After returning he started a community theatre group called ArkArts where he trained school kids in acting and promoted community theatre in Eersterivier, Cape Town. At some stage André also volunteered at Teen Challenge, a drug rehabilitation centre, and later was the project manager for their 10-year celebration where, in addition to his project management duties, he trained a choir for the event.

Picture left: With the supporting band at one of the Closer shows. From left: Jason Skippers (percussion - key percussionist on Closer album),  Siobhon Rutgers (backing vocals), Jenny Lee (keyboard - keyboards on Closer album), Daniel Crossing, Paul Lee (bass guitar), Sharon Kayster (backing vocals - winner 2016 CCFM Sing for the King), and Timothy Feder (rhythm guitar - sound engineer on Closer album).

Settling in Johannesburg for a few years, André joined Rhema Bible Church where he auditioned and was accepted as a backing vocalist in the worship team, singing with Lyndon Pietersen, Anne Kartapanis and Janine Price in radical Sunday evening worship and outreach events; they greatly influenced his appreciation and love for contemporary christian music.  Another huge influence was the music of Hillsong - André got to experience the behind-the-scenes life of Hillsong’s music ministry in Sydney (Australia) when he was hosted by Matthews Ntele for a few days there (artist and songwriter - Here As In Heaven, Resurrecting, Fullness, Yahweh).

After Johannesburg, André relocated back to Cape Town where he joined the Lighthouse Ministries worship team and  served under Pastor Peter Snyman and Ian Williams as worship leader.

André’s desire for operatic music remained though, and he later auditioned and was accepted into the Cape Philharmonia choir under the baton of Richard Haigh where the choir performed challenging classical musical works by Handel, Benjamin Britten, Mozart and the like. He was also elected to the management board of the choir where he worked with venue managers for City Hall, Bishops and others, and also various musical groups such as the Cape Town Philharmonic orchestra.

Becoming more focussed on his music, he left the choir and started pursuing his dream of being a singer-songwriter and recording artist.

Pictured left: The original band who rehearsed and recorded "You are". From left: Sherwin Augustine, André Daniels.

“Between Borders and Angels” was recorded at Heritage Sound studios by Brendyn “Rusty” Rossouw. But before getting to studio to record the album he first recorded two singles off the album "Lights" and "You are" and released these. Lights still remains the top played and downloaded track of all Daniel Crossing's songs.

The second album “Closer” was recorded by Timothy Feder at Nu Faith recording studios, Platinum studios, and SOTN Cape Town.

André currently serves at the Love Church under Pastor Werner Links, where he was also in the worship team, but had to step out recently because of work travel commitments.


In 2018 Daniel Crossing plans to release his first music video and will also focus on having intimate music sessions where the story of “Closer” will be told.

Whitney Faith Daniels

Whitney Daniels is an aspiring vocalist with a deep love for music.

Whitney was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. From a young age she got her inspiration from role models such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and the likes. It’s therefore no surprise that Whitney's voice encapsulates her role models with an added uniqueness that makes her sound her own.

Whitney’s involvement in the music industry started when she was 19 years old, when she joined a Cape Town-based gospel band “Total Praise”. As part of the band they toured many small towns in the Western Cape and were the opening act for events such as CCFM Radio’s Sing for the King.

In 2013, Whitney joined a recording studio, KG Audio, as a session vocalist. She performed on various artists albums including Euclid Jacobs “I am more” album, live DVD, and music video “He is God”. She was also a vocalist in the supporting band for the 2014 Victory Gospel Music Awards at Artscape. She remained at KG Audio for four years.

Whitney also co-wrote and featured on Daniel Crossing’s album “Between borders and angels” released in 2013 and is a featured artist on his second album “Closer” released in 2017.

It’s on the Closer album that Whitney released two singles, “Fly” and “Take my love”, introducing her as a solo artist to the pop music industry.

“Fly” is particularly close to Whitney’s heart. The song was written by her brother, honouring the life of their mother whom they lost when Whitney was 9 years old. “Fly”was recorded at Platinum studios (now Soundcast studios) in Cape Town with sound engineering by Spanish producer Florian Schlosser and Cape Town-based producer Tim Feder.